Founded by Betty Wee, a graphic designer, barista and roaster, Oh Beautiful Stain is not your ordinary coffee site; it’s where everything from design to artistry meets – with beautiful stain-inspired illustrations on every page.

We want our customers to experience coffee in a whole new way – which is why we provide them with an immersive experience through artistic expression. By focusing on artistry rather than just taste, we create a unique sensory journey for everyone who visits Oh Beautiful Stain.

We offer our favourite coffees to you for a full immersion experience, and we believe that the best way to enjoy them is with friends, old and new. At Oh Beautiful Stain we want people to connect over their passions; because what’s better than sharing in someone else’s love of something? Our mission is to create an inclusive space where people can come together over good conversation, good coffee, and beautiful art.


Betty Wee

Hello everyone! I am Betty Wee. I’m a graphic designer, barista, and coffee roaster.

It all started with coffee; I fell utterly in love with it while studying communications design in Melbourne. When I finished my degree, I moved back to Singapore because of its culture and diverse community that suited my personality better than anywhere else!

Years later, after working at various jobs and gaining experience in different fields related to graphic design, foodservice and hospitality, I found myself drawn back towards coffee again – this time brewing it and roasting it myself! 

I always tell myself that the best way to show people who you are is through how you make them feel when they interact with your work, whether it be coffee or design. So here’s my small contribution: this site!

As a coffee lover, I want to share my favourite coffees with others by roasting them locally. Oh Beautiful Stain  is created with this in mind — to share my favourite coffees with you and create a community vibe around coffee in Singapore!